The everyday millipedes found in The United States are commonly brown in color and range from 2.5 to 4 cm in length. It is possible to determine them by noticing their two segments have 2 pairs of legs.

These little insects will lay eggs inside the ground and require 2 years to be 100 % full-grown and also have a fairly reasonable lifespan of a number of years.

Fishers Millipedes

It is not unusual to find a millipede both inside and outside your property. Inside they generally frequent damp areas and outside they are generally seen in home gardens and flowerbeds. If you have mulch decorating the exterior of your home or piles of dead vegetation you’ll likely have some below. As long as the soil is damp they are going to enjoy that location. Millipedes consume decaying particles of wood that they locate and decayed leaves.


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Millipede Behavior/Life

Come fall, you will start noticing the millipedes begin to migrate, departing from the environment they identified as home for the last few months. It is said that the millipedes begin migrating to prepare for winter months, although if you should experience substantial rains you may see them as well, because of being flushed out of their dwellings if it floods. While migrating you may start to observe the millipedes in your residence or business.

Millipede Sightings & Entry Points

In the event the millipedes discover your property, your deck or porch could be their initial option for shelter. Alas, they won’t stop there. They can effortlessly climb the property, trying to find a way inside; generally an unseen fracture or crevice, or another opening the homeowner is not aware of. For this reason, being sure there are no entry points all through the property should help stop them from invading inside. In case you have an area dedicated to storage that has cardboard boxes or any other items, they will easily hide under items should they find the room.

Fishers Millipede Prevention Tips

Remove any extra mulch. You’ll want to ensure a space of at least 6 inches between any basic foundation level flowerbeds up against the property; including eradicating any mulch, grass and dead foliage right against the property’s exterior.

  • Examine all of the screens in your property. Along with your home’s window screens, ensure that vent and crawl space screens are in top-notch condition devoid of openings or problems that will provide unwanted pest access.
  • The entrance door needs to close properly and securely, that allows no easily accessible room for unwelcome pests to enter; since they will if they can.
  • Make sure the doors and windows contain weather strip protection that is unharmed and clear of damages. Should you not have weather stripping or it happens to be tattered the pests are able to get in and must be dealt with.
  • Your basement doorways need secure and safe weather stripping. When you notice light directly below or around a doorway (or window) it needs to be fixed.