Bees are a common pest in Fishers, as well as many states across the U.S. The kind of bee will determine the sort of home it creates. There are many solitary bees and there are also some social bees. Others, like honey bees, seek hollow logs or the walls of your house as a perfect place to establish a honey-producing nest.

If bees come into your home it is simply due to the fact that they want to create their own home. The cavities in chimneys and walls are just like a hollow tree.

Why Do I Have Bees?

It is unfortunate when bees take over your property and the only factor is that they decided to build a nest there. However, they enjoy locations that get a lot of sun each morning. They do not need large entry points to develop a nest. For instance, inside of a small hole on a tree produces a fantastic place to create a nest. In addition, bees could have already been common on your home and you simply were not informed. There could be a hive somewhere nearby that was not formerly completely eradicated.

Determine the Bees on Your Property

There are many insects that people call bees. Some genuinely are a kind of bee, honey bees included, while others are wasps.

True honey bees are fuzzy, possess four wings, have straight antennae and be a length of around 3/4 inches. When you see a huge bee it is most likely a carpenter bee. Smaller size similar insects are generally some variety of non-social bees (meaning they don’t produce large hives or colonies). If you see a bee that is brownish in color it is likely a honey bee. While not a bee, a yellowjacket is about the same size of a honey bee however feature a darker black and brighter yellow color.

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The primary risk from bees is stinging. There is a variety of protein toxins, enzymes and biogenic amines in bee venom. The results of a sting are typically produced from the toxicity of the venom.  Generally speaking, bee stings are not lethal to a normal individual and require a significant number of stings to trigger death, but a person who is allergic could easily be eliminated with simply one sting.

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